Here is a list of rats currently or soon available at AristoRats



Litter born 10/17/98: Birch Hill's Twilight Glow (Twilly)(full body photo above) by RunaMok Abraham (face view above), siamese dumbo. Complete outcross.

11 babies, 9 seal point siamese, 2 russian blue point siamese.

Keeping--AR Ambria, russian blue point siamese
Keeping--AR Sydelle, seal point siamese
Keeping--AR Pavel, russian blue point siamese
Keeping--AR Bruno, seal point siamese
Spoken for--AR ???--seal point siamese female, by Jenn Kroll
Spoken for--AR ???--seal point siamese male, by Dane M.
Spoken for--AR ???--seal point siamese male, by Dane M.
Avail.--seal point siamese male
Avail.--seal point siamese male
Avail.--seal point siamese male
Spoken for--seal point siamese female, runt, small but developing well, dark--by Katy Rende

These babies will be available only to homes that do not currently have rats due to quarantine. Only after 1/5/99 will they be available to homes with rats, if there are any left. This also applies to the next two litters.


Litter born 11/1/98

Spatter Paint, odd-eye pearl merle berkshire, to RiverRat's Eammon de Valera (shown in photo above), mink blazed odd-eye berkshire.

11 babies. There are pearls, pearl merles, minks, and some kind of super dark mink. Many should be odd-eyed because both parents are. I guess it takes awhile to show up, so I will just list the eye colors I see and am guessing that the dark eyed ones will stay that way and at least some of the light eyed ones will have one eye turn dark.

1. pearl standard blazed berkshire male-dark ruby eyes--keeping--AR Edmund Fitzgerald
2. dark mink self female, white toes, black eyes
3. pearl berk w/big head spot, merle, male, looks like one ruby eye and one black eye, AR Padriac Pearse (spoken for, RiverRats)
4. mink berk male, nicely marked, ittiest bittiest teeny snip of a blaze, dark ruby(?) eyes
5. dark pearl merle irish with missing tail tip (accidental), male--black eyes
6. pearl blaze berk with very large blaze overlapping eyes, female--ruby eyes--keeping--AR Merline
7. pearl berkshire with head star, merle, female--black eyes--(Spoken for--Alicia Gangi)
8. dark mink blaze berk with very large offcenter blaze over one eye, ruby/black odd-eye, male --AR Yang(Spoken for--Kelly Dohe)
9. pearl irish merle male, dark for a pearl but not mink (has dark spot on head, spots on body fairly extensive)--eyes are black.
10. dark mink irish female--very little white--teensy head star--black eyes
11. pearl standard blazed berkshire female--ruby eyes --AR Sydney--RiverRats

I will update this list as the babies develop.


Litter born 11/5/98. 19 born, 17 surviving.

JR Summer (above), fawn berkshire dumbo, to AR Tristan, beige capped carrying dumbo.

This litter includes fawns and beiges. Markings should vary somewhat--some berks and some bareback/hooded--perhaps capped. This is an outcross litter between lines very carefully selected for superior health, longevity, and temperament. I expect it to be one of the best litters I have ever had.

Revised list--11/14/98 (9 days of age)--
I will accept reservations because these identifications are reasonably positive.
Please bear with me if things change.

Standard refers to the ears.

1. standard female fawn berk(AR Hobbitt, reserved, Riverrats)
2. standard female beige bareback--markings are nonstandard--white "mask" on face--runt
3. dumbo male fawn bareback w/star (keeping--AR August)
4. dumbo male beige hooded--spots instead of a saddle
5. standard male beige berk
6. standard female fawn bareback w/line blaze(keeping--AR June)
7. dumbo male beige berk
8. standard male beige bareback w/star
9. dumbo male fawn berk--(reserved for Mick Owen)
10. dumbo female beige berk (keeping--AR July)
11. dumbo male fawn berk
12. standard male fawn bareback
13. dumbo male beige berk
14. standard male fawn berk
15. standard female fawn bareback (reserved--Kelly Dohe)
16. dumbo female beige berk (reserved for Mick Owen--AR Nefertari)
17. Dumbo male fawn berk--runt

I have only two other rats available at this time.

One is a young adult named Marinda. She is a special rat and will go only to a special and very nurturing home. If the right home is not found I will keep her for life.

Marinda has arthritis. She is a fawn bareback dumbo, very lovely. She is from a line I had to end because of the arthritis problem, which turned out to be genetic. She is terrifically sweet and is an excellent pet. She must be handled carefully. I plan to start her on a chondroitin supplement and possibly aspirin to reduce the swelling in her feet. I am willing to turn her over to someone who would genuinely enjoy taking special care of her and who wants a real little angel. I can take care of her physical needs and love her as she is; it would be nice, however, to find someone who can give her even more attention than I can.

The other is Callisto, a pearl merle dumbo who will be too old to breed by the time my quarantine is over, but who is pretty and friendly and will make some lucky person a very nice pet.

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