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Hi! Welcome to the homepage of Sarah and the Chew Crew....AristoRats' Rattery!

We are located in Northern Illinois.

I breed rats as pets first. Most of them are also show quality. I have shipped in rats from Washington State, Florida, and California, as well as obtaining them from Canada and locations across the U.S. My goal: To produce the healthiest, sweetest-tempered, most beautiful rats in the world. I specialize in marked dumbo in several colors and drop-dead gorgeous dark siamese. Soon to come will also be siamese dumbo in seal point and russian blue point.

If you wish to add some furry friends to your household, or if you just wanna talk rats, feel free to email me. RistoRat@aol.com

See the AristoRats on these pages:

Rat Pictures
More Rat Pictures
Even More Rat Pictures
Yet More Pictures!
More Colors and Varieties

The above pages include examples of rats with various colors, markings, and physical features, as well as a discussion of some aspects of rat genetics.

Rat Babies will give an explanation of development in baby rats.

Current litters/available rats gives a listing of rats currently available, with pictures where possible and descriptions for all.

NEW!!! Rat Care Information written by Sarah Shuman!

Section 1: Rat Care: Feeding
Section 2: Housing (Cages) For Rats
Section 3: If Your Rat Gets Lost
Section 4: Dumbo Rats: Genetics
Section 5: Rat Body Language
Section 6: Beginner's Article: Basics
Section 7: Socializing Rats
Section 8: Product Reviews
Section 9: An Effective Arthritis Remedy?
Section 10: Keeping Rats Cool in Summer
Section 11: Rat Toys
Section 12: Cage Litter Comparison

The main purposes of this web page are to display various varieties of fancy rats for the enjoyment/education of rat fans and to give basic genetics information about the varieties with which I am most familiar. Care information is also being added. Modifications and improvements are frequent.

If you need to find a breeder and you are not located geographically near me, email me and I will try to help you find whatever you may need.

Here are some links that I hope will help you if you need care, feeding, medical, and other types of info. Please let me know if you need any additional help. You can email me at the rat room (available to AOL subscribers only)
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//www.rmca.org/--RMCA homepage--Best club and magazine, IMHO!
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Northeast Rat & Mouse Club International
Pet Rats 2.0 by Michael Fichtenmayer
Ask Judy's Rat
Critters USA On-Line: Critter Collection: Rat
Rodent Breeders URL Listing
~Myomorpha at members.tripod.com
The Rat City, the biggest house of links
Rat and Mouse Message Board
alt.pets.rodents (unread)
Rodent Health...?
The Rat Fan Club
RiverRats Rattery

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